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Selling Your House Has Never Been Easier

we say YES when buying your home, regardless of its condition or location

People are waiting to help you move quickly


We Will Buy Your Property Fast For Cash

Do you want to sell your home for cash instead of through an estate agent? HarwoodQuickSell.co.uk will value it for you in as little as 24 hours. We buy any home in any condition, valuing it at a price that you can’t refuse.

If you want a genuine alternative to traditional estate agents and fast, hard cash for your home, ask us for a valuation and we can arrange a sale much more quickly than estate agents. If your home is at risk of repossession, we can release the equity for you before the bank seizes your home - call us now and we can beat the bank to it.

We work nationwide and will look at your home wherever you live.

Contact us today and let us make an offer!

Features of Harwood

Quick Sale
Come to us and we will buy your home quickly and with minimal fuss. Selling your home to us saves you all the hassle of selling your home on the open market.
We Buy in Any Condition
Don’t worry about unfinished DIY jobs or fire damage! We will value your home on its merit, factoring in local amenities, valuations of recently sold properties and local research, as well as the condition of the home.
No Buying Chains
You don’t have to worry about buying chains, which can delay or even wreck your plans to move to a new home as people below or above you are forced to pull out of the sale.
No Legal Fees or Estate Agent Commission
We cover the legal issues as part of the fee, saving on solicitors. Don’t worry about estate agent commissions as we value your home and then pay the full price in cash, simple as that.

Make it Tidy Enough for a Visit from the Queen

You wouldn’t want Her Majesty to get dog hairs on her skirt, or have to dodge dog toys as she goes into the living room, nor would a person who wants to buy your home! Steam clean the carpets and make sure that everything is fit for Her Majesty’s inspection of your home.

Do Your Gardening

If you have a tidy and smart garden people will pay more for your home as it is one less project on the list when they move in.

Have you thought outside the box? Want to pay cash on your next home? Instead of joining in a property chain, consider a cash purchase from us! We can buy your home for up to 85% of the value and you can let others try every trick in the book to make you pay more!

Ten top tips:

  • Declutter but dont make it cold
  • Paint any walls that are shabby
  • Make all minor repairs so things work as expected
  • Make the kitchen sparkle and give it a fresh look 
  • brighten up the house, light colours and furnishings
  • make sure the bedding is fresh and well presented
  • remove any bad odur and make it smell fresh
  • Consider the compertiton your customers will see, go and visit other houses in the local area and see what is similar on offer, make sure your house is compareable in presentation and price!
  • Remove old carpets that are worn and shabby, and replace with clean new, carpets or rugs. This will remove smells and make it feel fresh.
  • Put your own For sale sign up outside or in the windows, dont let the agents place their own signs there, you will loose money on the commission and wont be able to connect with the potential buyers like you would if you managed it yourslef. 


If you want top tips about tax planing and how to reduce any capital gains tax on the sale of second homes then its a good idea to see a professional. There well may be ways to reduce your tipical capitial gains tax with the right forward planning.

Another cost you can save money on are the conveyancing fees associated with selling the house, these tipically can be a few thousand pounds and will eat into your bottom line and as a result shoopping around on this should be well worthwhile.


Lets get you a better price for your home

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